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Updates and News! March 08, 2009

Two years ago we made some significant changes to our web site layout and added many new pages and features. Last year we added some more features and spun off a totally new site, I've been wanting to freshen up the look of the front page for a while now. The main eye sore to me was the main logo at the top of the page. It was created using my earlier graphic skills and I just wanted to make something that looked better. When I made a logo that I liked, it did not match the parchment background on the old page, but it looked nice on the wooden desktop beneath that, which led to my total redesign. I knew I wanted to keep the "Old School" antique look, so I revamped some of the old graphics and added what was needed to better organize our content.

The content is the same with the exception of the new announcement panel which appears in the yellow note with the red pushpin found between the weekly verse and news headlines.. This note will appear with any message, announcement or information we need to present temporarily. If there is none, the note will not be pinned there.

The only concern I have is for those with slow dial-up connections. I've always tried to maintain a fast website, and this one contains a lot of graphics. Please let me know if this is a problem for you. The old page will be available for now at If the speed is an issue for enough people, we may create a special, less graphical alternative page with all the same content. Please let us know what you think.

Send comments to

A Servant of Christ,
Evangelist Van Billingsley

Updates and News! February 19, 2007

We are in the process of upgrading our site. This should be transparent in that you should never see anything not working as a result. You may have noticed some of the latest additions such as an up to date Weekly Verse, Our current radio broadcast updated every week at airtime and a fresh look to the appearence.

The Main changes are behind the scenes in scripting that will keep things up to date with active content such as the Radio Broadcasts and other regular updates. Keep checking back as we continue to develop these new features.

We should have a new Newsletter and more sermons available soon! We've added a few entries to our links page as well.

A Servant of Christ,
Evangelist Van Billingsley

Updates and News! August 2, 2006

As of today, we are up to date on our newsletters. The past two editions are in PDF format, which allows us to produce them with fewer steps than creating HTML versions, and allows you to view them just as they appear in our print editions. We also hope to be adding many more audio sermons soon.

Please view our newsletters to view other current and recent news from our ministry.

A Servant of Christ,
Evangelist Van Billingsley

Updates and News! October 18, 2005

We've just completed a number of much needed updates. We've recently cleaned up our links page, removing any dead links and correcting others which have changed. They were all correct and working on the date listed at the top of the links page.

We have also corrected a problem on our Audio Page. In the past, clicking on an audio sermon link in many cases would require waiting for your browser to download the complete file before starting your default player for MP3's. We've updated the code for every sermon on our site to remedy this problem. Now the sermon should start playing on your computer while it is still downloading.

Other current news can be found in our Fall 2005 Online edition of our newsletter listed above!

A Servant of Christ,
Evangelist Van Billingsley

Updates and News! September 20, 2002

We have a new domain name! We can now be easily accessed at S O J of course stands for "Story of Jesus."

Radio Update! "The Story of Jesus" Radio Broadcast is now back on the air. The broadcast can be heard in LaGrange, GA and surrounding areas on WOAK 90.9 FM at 7:30 pm on Saturday evenings. It can also be heard around the world at this time (eastern time) at for anyone with Live Audio Streaming capabilities. You can also listen or download broadcasts from our Audio Sermon Page!

Our Audio Sermon Page has been updated with sermons by Dr. Ralph Taylor and Dr, Harold Sightler as well as "The Story of Jesus" Radio Broadcasts.

A Servant of Christ,
Evangelist Van Billingsley

Updates and News! March 5, 2002
This section, for now, will be used for online news and updates. When we publish our next printed newsletter, which we plan to do soon, it will be available here as well.

Our links page has been updated recently and it is being kept up to date. I have some additions to be added soon. I am working on a web radio section. For now you can find most of the stations that will be there under their respective links, WOAK, BBN, WMUU - Bob Jones, and Tabernacle Ministries - WTBI.

I am very excited about our next addition. We are preparing MP3 Sermons to be added to the site. Most of them will be in the smallest file size possible to allow easy downloading. Our first sermons will be some of the messages currently listed on the Cassete Tapes page. We also plan to post some of our old radio programs. Later on we may post some sermons by other preachers by permission. This will be done by my selection as features and not by submissions.

Two other changes have been recently made in our ministry which are reflected on the web site. Our home church affiliation has changed as of the fall of 2001, and the new info is on my profile page. We have also established a Children's Mission operated out of our home church, Oakside Baptist Church in LaGrange, GA. There's a section you should have noticed on the web page for the Children's Mission that tells all about this work.

You will also see links throughout our site to the various ministries of Oakside Baptist Church.

Check back often to see what we've added.

I hope you enjoy our site.

A Servant of Christ,
Evangelist Van Billingsley

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